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Princess Garnet's Amano ArtHi! You may of seen me before on the RPGamer boards. I'm maryadavies, known by the people that know me as just plain old Mary-Alice. (If you didn't guess, my username on the board is really just my legal name with NO caps and squished together...Mary A Davies. Not very original at all, really--tho there's a bit of a family story on how Alice became my middle name when Mom meant my first name to be Mary Alice..but that's getting WAY off the subject) I came in a while after boards first started and have kept posting off and on for a few years now.

I've been around for a looong time though. I visited the Unofficial SquareSoft Page for a long time, which kinda died and birthed... RPGamer! I even looked through the old boards once or twice. Don't think I need to go into too much of my personal details, like my age, college major,religion, and all that jazz..most of that's in my profile on the boards. I sometimes hang out on IRC too..my fav nick there is Elizara (borrowed from one of my fav author's charas). I've also gone by White-Ninja, White_Ninja, WhiteNinja or some variation of that on IRC. (That particular IRC nick is a little joke I have with my brother Jon, who's board username is Shadowcat btw)

I play a LOT of RPG's when I have time..I also play a few on my computer, some on consoles (I finally was able to get my own PS2, PS3 and PS4) I've played just about every FF game except Tactics, TA, 12 and CC.... I've beaten FF1, FF2, FF3, FF4, FF5, FF6, FF9, FF11(all expansions), FF13, FF13-2, FFXIV (all expansions out so far) FFXV, FF Mystic Quest, and FF7PC. (You would of known part of that if you'd read my FF Code and decoded it. I really need to update that..) But Final Fantasy games aren't the only RPG's I play. I've played Lunar: The Silver Star Story Complete, Earthbound 0, Earthbound, Chrono Trigger(the Chronicles Edition, as well as the DS version, which I finally beat) Seiken Densetsu 3 (beat a Duran game), all of the Kingdom Hearts games currently out in English (from the PS3 and PS4 collections, as well as Dream Drop Distance on my 3DS. Beat them too, most with the secret endings) the Super Famicom edition of Magic Knights Rayearth (beat it), Breath of Fire III, the Legend of Zelda, Zelda 64, a few indie rpgs, and even messed around on the Secret of Mana with Jon (Known as Shadowcat on the board, btw. And no, that nick doesn't have a thing to do with a certain X-Man from what he told me. Meow!). I was the Sprite, if I remember correctly. (Love that multiplayer)

Anyway, why am I writin' this page, you might ask? Especially when I also work on several others? Well, I kept noticin' that in thread after thread, people would keep askin' questions like, "Hey, where can you find cool avatars?" or "How do you read text under spoiler tags?" or "Where did that cool sig pic come from? Can I get one?". Like every one else that's been on the boards a while, I kept answering until...well..I remembered something I'd bumped into one fine day when I was cruisin' the web about three or four years ago, when a free web page host called Xoom.com was still in existence. See, a girl who's fav username was B had created basically a newbie guide to the old RPGamer boards on there. Wow, I thought when I first saw that. What a good idea...but she quit updating and when Xoom went..it went with it. I'm not sure what happened to the flame-haired B with the fiery wrath, don't even know if she's stubbornly stayin' on the old boards. (people disappear from the 'net all the time) Then I thought, Why couldn't I do that for the new boards? Well, here's yer answer to that. Why not?

Anyway, you can find a pic of my real face floating around the boards, but if you didn't see that...I'm 5 feet 7 inches tall, wear glasses, got hazel eyes and brown hair. And, as Anne McCaffrey would say, "the rest changes without notice" *grins* I picked Garnet for my avvy because yes, it's a bit of a stretch, but I thought I kinda looked like her with my glasses off. I'm not a mean person. Never. I do have a habit of standing up for what I believe in (don't take that personally, mmkay?) and I'm a good shoulder to cry on when someone's upset (take a good look at my board profile sometime...there's a good reason I chose that major, tho don't let that scare you off--I just think "what's normal anyway?"). I also tend to be a very down to earth person, have a touch of a stubborn streak, and tend to not have much tact. (I've said it once and I'll say it again. I've got the tact of a 2 by 4[that's a kind of board that's used to make the frames for houses, btw]..sorry) I also try to live by the words right above my name on my sig pic: "Never give up!" which, FYI, my mom always told me since *blushes* I do have a learning disability and I admit, I'm lucky I made it through college.(It's not something I try to hide, but I don't talk about it much either) Also, I'm glad I can leave my WhiteNinja blade on the floor, gatherin' dust while I'm on the boards most of the time...haven't needed it much. (yet. Might yet need it since I'm the newest member mod..don't let THAT scare you either!) Anyway...

See you on the boards!!!

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