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Huh? What's under those gray bars??

Oh, you were pokin' around the boards one fine day, just lookin' for somewhere to post, right? And then you saw something like this:

What's that?

You see the gray bar there and wonder, "What's that for? What's under it?"

Well, friend, you just ran into one of the special features of the boards. Here, I've used a Spoiler Tag. There's text under there!

I bet yer wondering how to read that. Easy. Click the button that says, "Show."

Oh, spoiler tag!

You may also be wondering what Spoiler Tags are used for. Usually, they're used for information that could/would spoil a game/anime/whatever for you. Hence, the name Spoiler Tag. (If the post is about a game you haven't played or something you haven't watched and you don't wanna be spoiled, just don't click that button, k? *shrugs*) It's highly encouraged you use one if yer posting ANY info about a game, anime, whatever, that has ANY chance of ruining what yer posting about for someone else. Here's the syntax, for it, since people seem to miss this a lot:

[spoiler]Put the offending text here[/spoiler]

Now you know. And knowing is half the battle..oh, I'm sounding like the end of a G. I. Joe cartoon...

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