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The Credits Page...

The Staff Of RPGamer, for running such a great site! Thanks guys!

All the people on the boards who encouraged me to do this/gave me some ideas/help after I broached the idea for this page on the boards...Desh...Lulu's Little Sister...Viper...Lina Darkstar...keele864...Malango...Locrian...Aquila Hawk...felixleong...Kamikaze..The Chosen One...Paws...LordBrian...FireMyst...Queen Lulu...Wanderer_of_Time...and there's more I can't remember right now.

To a person I don't remember right now on the Topcities help boards. He helped me refine a link pop-up window JavaScript so the window would no longer run off the bottom of the page. Thanks! Sorry I didn't credit ya earlier, when I used it on Jon's FF page!

To Kim Siever(that's a guy, k?) from the LDSWebmasters Mailing List for helping me with that same code! (Look for that mailing list if you want, it's safe since there's rarely any religious discussion on there...it's USUALLY discussion about things like CGI, JavaScript, stylesheets, and just stuff that could help someone be a better web page designer! And sometimes people beg for computer help, but that's a different story...) Again, sorry I didn't credit you guys earlier!!

Thank you to Aquila Hawk for the popup code I'm using now! More compact, I luv it. Thanks Hawky!

And of course...THANKS A BUNCH B! Wherever you went, you fire haired girl you with the fiery wrath..thanks for the idea! I'd REALLY like to meet ya sometime!

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