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Athy's "Firey Sword of Justice" -- This was The Athenian's battle cry, actually. If he said it's "Firey Sword of Justice time" or anything about it...well, you were in for a world of PAINFUL debating with one of the top debaters on the board! He usually said it's time for it right before he picked apart a person's argument piece by piece. Athy hasn't been on the board for a very long time, so you prolly won't see this..it's a shame.

Avatar or avvy -- that's the pic that's below a lot of people's names on the boards. If you want to know how to use one, click here.


Banned member -- Well, that person broke the rules major. He can't post any more or he's gonna be in a world of hurt if he manages to evade the ban. (Oh, and if you get banned; don't fight it by making a new account. That's a VERY BAD IDEA. Find a new board, kk?)


Case of the Disappearing Post, The -- When we were using Ikonboard, seemed like in some threads (I've seen it show most often in extremely long threads), if you got the first post on a new page it wouldn't always show up unless A. You double posted on purpose or someone posted after you or B. Changed the number after st=xxxx to your post's number. (Which can be hard to find if you couldn't find the blasted post!) Was midly annoying, but is no longer a problem since we changed board software to Vbull, then Vanilla Forums.


Direct linking -- This is when you use a URL to insert a image or file. This is very bad if you don't have permission to do so or that webpage doesn't belong to you. Click here if you want to know why. Also known as "hotlinking".

Double thread -- OOPS! Someone messed up. Just what it sounds like tho. It's when someone accidentally posts two threads EXACTLY alike. If you screw up like this, click here for how to fix it, since it is a little tricky to fix.

Double Post -- OOPS again! Someone accidentally posted the EXACT same thing twice! If that's your boo-boo, click here so you can get it fixed. Is not as bad as a Double Thread, since you can actually fix it yerself after a fashion.


FF Code -- A carryover from the old boards. This basically shows what Final Fantasy games you've played/beaten, your age, sex,...among some other things. Does not look right on the boards in my opinion because the board tends to change some of it to symbols. (I do tend to be a little..nitpicky)If you want to use yours and you don't like what the boards do to it, let me know, I'll be glad to put it in a HTML file for ya for you to link to in yer sig with (Saves space in yer sig, anyway. I'd recommend you do that. In posts, it's better just to use the [code][/code] tag to prevent the code gettin' mangled). And if you want to do yours? Click here if you want to do it the hard way, the encoder's down for now until I can find another solution. It was updated near the beginning of the boards, after not being updated for several years. But then the original page went down...so guess who took over? ;-)

Flaming--When someone insults/makes fun of/says untrue or nasty things about someone else in a post (like calling them a idiot). This is always with the intent to offend. DON'T DO THIS! It is against the board rules and could get you in a world of trouble.

Flame War -- (Bear in mind, we don't want this on the board..) This is when a discussion just degenerates into personal attacks, in other words lots of insults and stuff. This will never be tolerated on RPGamer.


Great Avatar mess, The -- Woah. This was the first sign of real bad forum bugs. Everyone's avatar (no we don't know the cause) got changed to SO boxart, which had just gotten a review at the time that was hotly debated. It happened again, this time everyone's avatar got changed to Fighter from FFI >< Is no longer a problem since we changed to Vbull, then Vanilla Forums.

Great Sig and Title Mess, The -- Oops. This was something some went "What the frick?" at. Seems when one member tried to change his sig to show his blog, everyone's erm, profile was changed to match his and his blog was in everyone's sig. Also, everyone's title was changed to "UNREGISTERED". No longer a problem since we got Vanilla Forums now. But if you got the "UNREGISTERED" title and cannot change it yet, PM a mod or admin and ask them to get rid of it; we'll change it to a blank title.

Group -- This is a little thing listed under your title(or where your title would go) that denotes what kind of posting privileges you have. Say, for most of us, it's "Member". For staffers, it's "RPGamer Staff". This is _usually_ automatically determined. (It's only changed in cases of naughty poster or person joins staff/leaves staff, so unless you end up breakin' rules, troll, or you join staff...)

"Guest" -- Shows up more often in the older threads (though it has been occasionally showing up recently in newer threads). It means whoever that person was, that person broke the rules major and his registration was deleted. Again, if that person EVER shows up again, there's gonna be trouble.


Happy Sig Shop v.2.0, The -- Aquila Hawk created this topic after the old one went to the thread graveyard after some board shifts/board upgrades. If you need a sig pic, this is where to go if you don't know who all the sig makers on the board are. Unlike the old one, it's been PINNED! Here it is.

Hotlinking -- Same as direct linking (Please see "Direct linking" for what it is). No matter what it's called, it's still a bad idea if you don't have permission or you don't own that page. Click here for why it's a bad idea without permission.


LiveJournal -- Also known as LJ, this is basically a free blog service that a lot of staffers (and even some of us boardies! I have one!) use. It's fairly versitile. If you want one, click here. Oh, and please don't be begging too hard to get on people's friend list. Not everyone has one, you know ^_^

Locked Thread -- That's a thread that is closed for posting. Don't even try.


Moved Topic -- Oops. Someone posted that on the wrong board, one of the mods/admins noticed, and they moved it to the right one. To prevent this, post in the right board for your topic! (So you know which is which, here's a list of them and what they're about) Remember what Scotty in Star Trek said: "The Right Tool For The Right Job!!!"


Newbie -- This is not a insult, contrary to popular belief. It just means you're the new person on the block (in a game, or on a board!). Hey, let's just say I don't forget when I was one. :-)

Newbie Thread, The -- The original was started by LordBrian; Martyr (temporary admin) restarted it because the old was getting a mite cluttered. It's for newbies to introduce themselves in and to get help if they need it. It's a sticky one, so it'll always be on top. Click here if you'd like to introduce yourself or if you need some help with the boards that isn't on this page.

New Member -- This is the status you have when you first sign up for the boards. You can post, but you can't create topics...yet. It lasts until you make yer 20th post. (Use this to your advantage, and find some topics you like/can help people with and post in them. Yes, that's common sense talkin'...) This has not been around for very long--it was implemented to cut down on "Hi! I'm New!" threads, as well as spam. [And if you do want to introduce yourself, do it in the Newbie Thread, k?]


PM -- This is short for "Private Message". If you need to/want to send one to someone, look in their profile or on the bottom of one of their messages for something that says "SEND MSG"(at the bottom of a message) or "Send Private Message"(in their profile). Just pleeaase, don't be rude--being rude won't do you any good and might make that person mad at you.

Post-Board-Update Sig Mess, The -- This prolly won't affect you but after the update, all the sigs that were currently posted were changed by the upgrade so the UBB code was showing. Easy to fix if you're affected by this. Just go to Control Panel ==> Personal Info ==> Edit Your Profile and just hit Save. It'll right itself then. If you joined after the update, this little buggy shouldn't show up for you at all. ^^ If I see a older boardie coming on that prolly didn't see the update, I'll kick his or her sig for them, no questions asked.


Rant -- When someone complains about something or someone. This is usually not meant to offend/hurt anyone.

RPGamer IRC Channel or Chat, The -- If you weren't aware of it (most people aren't) RPGamer has their own IRC channel. Click here for the connection information and the rules to that (that channel has its own rules apart from the board, so read their IRC FAQ first!!)


Say Anything Thread, The -- This is our rotating topic thread, the name says it all. Anything goes as long as it don't break the rules. The original was created by Wind Of Fate a long time ago (she left the boards tho) Had to remade once due to some drama, then was remade again due to the fact it got too long and the board was wigging out, and hiding the final post in each page. Here it is.

Show yourself! Thread -- This was created by Jeffery, one of our former admins, to replace a older pic thread that was one of the longest running topics on the boards. It's here.

Signature or Sig -- The place at the bottom of a message under the last line of the person's post(under a dashed line) where you can sometimes see text or images--or even links.

Signature Picture or Sig Pic -- A pic (usually is kind of a small banner) that's placed in a sig. Click here if you want one/want to know how to use one.


Title -- That's the line of text you see under people's avvies sometimes. You can set one after you make 100 posts. Please do not spam to get it or you will be in a world of hurt.

Troll -- (No, I don't mean this or these!)This is either the act of someone posting derogatory or inflammatory remarks to a board/group or someone who gets their kicks from doin' that kinda thing . In other words, a troll is someone who insults people or tries to make someone lose his/her temper or the act of doin' that kinda thing. If you like to do this..GO AWAY. Trolling is against the rules on RPGamer.

Typo Demon -- This first started in a certain thread which is now gone via the creator's request, though I first saw it in the AIM chat ...and I forget who first yelled about it (Sin claims FULL responsibility, though). What this means is "Yikes, somebody's makin' a lot of typos and it's catching!" In the nightly AIM chat, I've been known to yell "KILL IT!" Sin sometimes mentions this on the boards as well.

That's all folks...(oh now I'm sounding like the end of a WB cartoon!)

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