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How do you get that text at the bottom of yer messages, anyway?

I don't know how many people don't know this, but doin' this is not hard, not hard at all to get text at the bottom of all your posts ( That area is called yer sig, btw). You want to add a quote or some text in yer sig? And you don't know how? Okay. First, one thing you'd better be aware of: you can't have more than five lines of text (not including a sig pic) in yer sig--that's another of the rules. If the mods/admins see more than that, your sig might be...changed...and you won't like the result. (Cross my heart, I'll explain why later. But not now, okay?

Okay, first click on Account Options at the top of the board, then Edit Profile in the drop down menu.
Here's where you click.

You should see this, tho as usual, your username WILL be in the place of mine:
Control Panel

Click on the Signature Settings link. Here's what you should see after: (BTW, I temporarly removed the stuff in mine when I took this screeny)

Here's where you put it

Alrighty then. Type whatever you want in that area. Though if ya to make a link (say, to your homepage or a sig pic or something like that) you need to know BB code. (If you don't know BB code, click here to learn it!). And if you want a sig pic too? Click here to find out the scoop on that!

Are you done? Then let's finish it! Hit the Save button.

There. Have fun with it!

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