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Sig Pic? Where do I find one? How do I use one??

Okey dokey...now you look around and notice some people,(like me) have these cool pics in their signatures on the boards. That's a sig pic. Here's an example sig I got adiemus to make for me just for this guide: (please don't steal it, ok?)

Example sig so you know how big they mean. Please DON'T steal it!

Cool, right? Bet yer wondering where you can get one of yer own....

The question is, can you design graphics or not?

If you can, you can make your own. Just MAKE SURE you read the board rules first. There is a size limit for EVERYTHING in your sig, and it's pretty STRICTLY enforced. I don't mind if you right click on this sig pic shown here and hit Properties tho. It's the total max size allowed for your sig. (that's 500X150 and no bigger file size wise than 50 KB, with no text in your sig. If you got 5 text lines, you can't have a sig pic tho. The rest of the guidelines mentioned on the rules page are; if you have 4 lines, the pic can't be taller than 30 pix; 3 text lines, no taller than 60 pixels; two text lines, no taller than 90 pix; and one line of text, no taller than 120 pixels. Easiest way to check is screenshotting and cropping out your sig tho, just a FYI.])If you dare make your sig that's bigger than the max size, like this, let's just say you won't like what it gets changed to!) (Don't let that happen, kk? Believe me, you don't want to find out what happens!) (Cross my heart. I'll explain why that rule is there later, I promise...but not here, ok?). Oh and if is too big; don't use it please and save the mod squad a headache. Please, please, please go get Irfanview and resize it kk?

If you can't make your own, there's still hope. There are people who make sig pics...You can head over to the Sig Shop and request one. Just be polite!

All right. I'm assuming you now have your sig pic on your hard drive..either you made one or someone else did, it doesn't matter. So now what do you do?

You need to find somewhere to host it, of course! Oh, and don't try using a web page hoster unless it's yours. Most don't work. Click here for a list of places you can host a sig pic at. Just choose your poison off that list and get you a account there. Then upload your sig pic and get the full url of the graphic; you'll know why in a second.(I'd strongly suggest copying it onto your computer's clipboard here, since it'll make yer life a little easier here)

Got it uploaded? Got the URL of where your sig pic is on the clipboard? Then let's go! Ok, move your mouse up to the top and click on Forum Actions, like this: Click here to go to your profile.

You should see this, tho your username will be in the place of mine:

My Control Panel

This time, click on the Signature Settings link. Scroll down until you see this. (BTW, I removed the code for my sig pic temporarily when I took this screeny) What's in there will be different in yours than what's in mine of course, depending on what you put in there originally--if you put anything in that box at all.

Here's where you put it in

Mmkay...now here's how you put it in there:

[img]Put the full URL of your sig pic here[/img]

Then hit the Save button.

There. Yer done. Have fun with your cool new sig pic!

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