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Whoops! I made a double post/double thread. What do I do about it?

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Whoops! I posted a double topic/made a double post. What do I do?

First off, this happens sometimes. I don't know if it's due to a board bug or it's always just an accident, because I've never had this problem.(Little brother accidentally posting as me, on the other hand... this applies to that kinda situation as well. Just edit the post according to the situation) (Also, do not do this on purpose. It's not cute and it's not funny; if I have to combine two of your posts (and the rest of the mod squad would agree with me) I get cranky; and let me put it this way. Do you like cleaning up someone else's mess? I dun think so ^^ So save us a little work and edit your last post if you got something to add, don't double post) If this happens to you or you do this:

Don't panic! And don't ignore it either, that's not a good thing to do. But what do you do?

If it's a double post you have two options to fix yer mistake. One way to fix it is to edit one of those suckers and change the text in it to "Stupid Double Post" or, "Whoops, double post" or something along that line. (BTW, there was a new guy on the boards that took care of one this way with flair. Here's a full screeny of what he did..tho ya don't need to call yerself a "retard newbie" if ya double post. Happens to us experienced folk too sometimes--tho it's never happened to me. And yes, that edit worked and worked really well. His wish was obeyed and that double post was fixed.) Second option? You could go send a private message to a mod or a admin asking to fix it for you--do that if you think it's necessary. But if it's a double thread...well, the best thing to do then is to find one of the moderator squad as soon as you can and fess up to the mistake. See, ordinary members can't delete a topic, even if it's one that member did, but those in the moderator squad can. Just be polite about it, ok?

Speaking of which, if you get any trouble from a member of the boards (very nasty private message, for example) find one of us too and tell the moderator squad/one of the admins so they can warn/ban the rotter who's bothering you. Just don't tell us unless it's REALLY, REALLY bad since tattling about something minor is never a good idea, mmkay?

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