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Helpful Links!!!Gotta go?

Sites where you can find avatars (or *.gif icons or graphics you can use as avatars):
If you need a place to host pictures to post on the message board or a sig pic, click here

The RPG Galleria-- The RPG Galleria. This one's the GRANDDADDY of every sprite site out there. And I do mean the GRANDDADDY. He finally, after like forever, updated with some FF Tactics sprites recently. This site gave lots of people the idea to make game sprites/icons.(Major embedded MIDI alert for this page tho! Many of the icon pages have embedded MIDI's, but ya can switch them off if yer quick) WARNING! Something broke the site, so it only works in IE or MS Edge. If you're a firefox user like me, copy the link and paste into either so you can view the page. I've tried all the IEtab stuff, they do not work with the newest version of Firefox.

The Game Sprite Archives--The Game Sprite Archives. Lots of different game sprites here.

The ShyGuy Kingdom-- The ShyGuy Kingdom. Darn good sprite site. Darn good. (however, some of their sprites are on well..sheets...so you have to know how to crop pics to use them as avvies....isn't hard to figure out which ones if ya try to view the pic first)

http://www.kongming.net/ -- Kongming's Archives. Has a lot of Three Kingdoms avatars as well as some for Chrono Cross, FF2(American, also known as FF4), FF3(American, also known as FF6) and Suikoden avvies. He also recently disabled hotlinking because it became much too much bandwidth for him to pay for. You need to download the avvy ya want and use a hoster if ya want to use one from here.

http://www.angelfire.com/dbz/aerisandsasami/ffstuff/gifs.html -- Lots more here, incuding one I've never seen before for FF9. Watch out though. Page is poorly designed, the links are on the broken graphics.

Video Game Sprites.net -- Videogamesprites.net Well designed. Has a request to not hotlink to his sprites clear as day on his page. So don't do it; he's right. Bandwidth is NOT free. ^^

The Free Site!--The Free Site.com. Here's where ya can go if you don't want to use a RPG related/game related icon/graphic for an avvy, since this guy has linked to a TON of sites that offer free animated graphics/graphics in general that are ripe for the download so you can upload them to a hosting site so you can use them as avvys. (Just look in the Free Graphics section, k?) It also has a lot more free stuff too--this was the first free online stuff directory I ever found, and it's still the best one in my opinion.

Other sites you might want to look at:

RPGamer--RPGamer! Without da page, there'd be no boards, ok? And it's a GREAT gaming site and they tend to be accurate and fair on their news! Just visit the boards once in a while.

Kingdom Hearts Insider -- Kingdom Hearts Insider. This is the FIRST place I'd stop at for Kingdom Hearts news and reliable rumors on the series, as well as all things Kingdom Hearts. They tend to be *faster* than other sites on that stuff.

VGcats -- Fun web comic. They do have avatars, but I'm listing them here because they are a webcomic, really. They post comics from all sorts of games and they're usually funny!

If you have any other good sites to add, tell me.

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