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Page Updates and History

Thought people might want to know exactly how this all started. It wasn't that long ago...there was a guy that shall remain nameless who broke a new rule on the RPGamer board and I noticed. (Believe me, it was VERY noticable) (Be warned: my mind jumps VERY funny sometimes; don't hold that against me) I wondered if he'd actually known about it if he would of done that...which got me to thinking: what if someone actually made a faq for the RPGamer boards? And not just for the rules? (To help with a lot of questions other than that; all the rest and injokes too). It may seem wierd, but that incident reminded me of B's newbie guide for the old boards...

Hmm, I thought. So I started a thread in the misc board at RPGamer about it...to get some ideas from other people. (You can still find it if you look--it's way back there tho, since this was years ago) Well, some of the ideas for this page that I had did NOT work, but...this is the result.

Anyway, here's the updates list:

July 5, 2017 -- Still working on the pics, but I had to go though the pic hosters for one reason. Photobucket has become an ass. /sigh. I have pulled them and now all those hosters will work; the best right now is Imgur though. I have pulled off Photobucket for good reason; it seems there's a limit, and that may be their new over bandwidth pic for free accounts, but I ain't trusting them if they're holding your pictures for ransom!

Feburary 9, 2017 -- Man you lazy girl. I updated the pic hoster page, and since we're on Vanilla Forums now, I need to do some rewrites. I'll get to it soon as I can; let's just say I've had some games and some fic writing that's been holding my attention! (Well, I am a girl rpgamer after all!) Looks like I need to go though the links again too, FF Insider is gone gone gone, but I'll be adding some KH links as well, since well, Sora's got my attention lately!

December 6, 2012 -- *BIG LE SIGH* Turned out that host was down a lot and rather touchy. So moved again. Hopefully no more problems now.

December 3, 2012 -- *BIG SIGH* All good things come to a end, and Mr. Briggs is closing his side business, so I had to move the pages. Welcome HelioHost! Hopefully this one will last even longer than my friend's did. Also the mailform's a little different; I had to go to a new script; it's PHP this time. ^^

Feburary 2, 2012 -- Well, we got a new admin (Clix stepped down) and two new mods. I also made a minor correction..Also I finally found what was dang wrong with the mail form (it works now!); got the one working on the main page, then discovered a stupid space was the problem here :) so that was easily fixed. Oh and I need to do new screenshots since we finaly got the final skin, tho I think profiles need some work.

August 3, 2010 -- Ok. Sorry it took so long folks; I had to poke both Paws and Clix for a final go over. But the update of the newbie guide is complete. I will be redoing the screens in the tutorials again later on since this is NOT the final skin; the staff is working on getting stuff working BEFORE they work on a skin. Also you older members might want to take a gander since stuff has changed. Really changed. :) So old or new, come over here and have a gander.

Thursday, July 15, 2010--FINALLY. The board software has moved from the old to VBulletin. I will be doing a full update as soon as I can, but for now; if you had a account before, you will have to get your pass reset. Expect some major updates in the next few days as I test things out. Oh and any bug injokes are getting nuked.

April 28, 2009 -- Lots of changes around the board. Jeffrey's gone. He had to leave due to RL (though he's still on the board, but just as a boardie now.). There's talk about changing the board software soon because of some VERY serious bugs. I've added them as injokes tho for now. Let's just say it was pretty silly looking for everyone. Also, Paws is now admin for the moment; don't know when we'll get a perm one.

June 27, 2008--Big changes, big changes. Most of which you will not notice; all I'll say is: The page has moved. I've done a couple tricks to make the menus easier for me to update. (I'd really have to put the nerd hat on to explain what, but it's a relief believe me.) Some tweaks to the CSS also done. And the one you will notice; the mail form now has a captacha. >_< I've been having some spammer problems with it, when it was meant for people who are using webmail with no way to access it from a program, as well as a antispammer measure. So I've put in some measures to get those spammers to bug off. Let's hope I quit getting gibberish emails that make me wanna say things that my mom will not like. Also a few minor corrections done, as well as..well, scroll down. Since I'm having to upload everything now via Filezilla(which I think is the last good free FTP program out there) , I felt it was time to finally bring back the Arachnophilla spider, since that's the program I pretty much originally wrote this thing in; not to mention it's the program I will be updating this with from now on. Also have added a notepad icon since that's something else I've used to write CSS and some webpages on here -- What can I say? I'm pretty darn low tech when it comes to what I write web pages with.

June 24, 2008--It's coming. There hasn't been too much going on except we have a new mod, Shoptroll. But..this page is moving. For the last time. This time, it's to a friend's server who has some fancy stuff I coulda really have used a long time ago. Please change your links to http://rpgamerboard.vze.com/ so that you don't have to change'em later. I mean to update that redirect to where the new site is soon as it's due to go live..I got a lot of tweaking to do before it's due to be live. ^^ Don't worry, nothing major major. Just need to fix the menu 'n stuff.

February 18, 2008--Lots! Added a new injoke, had to prune the staff list again [groan][/groan] but I got my beady eyes on at least one staffer who hasn't got the proverbial boot to the butt/opped yet, so Paws won't be by her lonesome forever I don't think. (Just my rule; they have to pass probation before they will be listed here and have to not just post for news updates. ^^) Also, changed the news page a bit. Oh and any javascript nuts out there? I'd like to fix what I did so it'll be max size in all res's when you click on a link, tho I did make sure they are resizeable. ^^ Edit on Feb. 19: Thank you to Cidolfas of the Final Fantasy Compendium, who I have linked several times for credits for the FF Code, for helping me get it to work right on said outside links.

January 29, 2006-- Added some stuff to the What You Need to Know page. I also fixed something that'd been annoying me; The freakin' links on all popup pages had been opening in a new tab in Firefox, not in a new window. GRRR! I finally had to adapt the javascript popup code to force a new window. But it should work now in any Javascript enabled browser. It just means you absolutely, positively, need it enabled. So for heavens sakes, if you use Noscript, please make sure this page is allowed, or if you have Javascript turned off, turn it on for this page.

December 26, 2007 -- I know, been a while since I updated this. Again. Well, Let's just say some personal issues that have _not gone away_ and some other stuff. In this one; I fixed the guestbooks. I had to change services AGAIN, hopefully for the last time. You'll notice in the advice one they are all dated today; that's not a accident since I had to save all the entries. Dreambook has gotten to be teh sukh lately, so I'm moving away from them forever. Guest Gear's a bit more reliable and has some antispam features I like; the only problem is they aren't as customizable boo. But that should hold until things look up for me. Also fixed a few links. ^^

August 12, 2007 -- I know, been a while since I updated this. Well, think I moved and it took me forever to get my compeh set up so I could finally sit and do things like this. Anyway. Jeffery is now the admin; Shue got bit by RL stuffies so isn't around much now. I'll be going though things bit by bit as I have time and killing dead links..other than that, not much. ^^

April 17, 2007 -- New staffer who is on the boards a lot just got the traditional boot to the rear on IRC (aka. passed his probation period). Say hello to Jeffery! Just added him to the newbie guide. :)

March 28, 2007 -- Mainly a link cleanup and some cleanup of some errors. Nothing much to see, move along.

March 2, 2007 -- Eww, I let this go for far too long. Anyway, I added the latest two member mods, fixed the injokes by adding a new one (Where is that post? hehe.) updated the staffer section, and since html has been unenabled, fixed that. Also had to take out a couple things since with the board upgrades, it's not the same anymore. Also put up a new ranty about a rule that has been broken a lot recently. (You know who you are that did it, no matter how good your intentions.) *pants*...I think that's it.

June 14, 2006 -- Not much to say. Minor tweak done because I let the paid service expire; it should be back in a week or two. Not much to see, move along ^^

March 10, 2006-- I dead forgot to update well, the updates last time we had an admin change. Well, Martyr was admin for a while, then we had some loldrama, and now...Shuemais, one of the newest staffers, is now admin. (That was a suprise.) (Don't ask about the drama, please. It was stupid.) I did update who the admin was when Martyr regot the admin position, just forgot to put it here..I think I got parents calling me in the middle and just forgot. I'll be better next time, promise! :3

January 17, 2006 -- Yet another admin change. (We seem to go though'em so quickly lately!) XeroZohar is now admin. Pages changed to reflect that.

December 10, 2005 -- Martyr is now admin, if you didn't notice. There's been some major changes to the board so far, including one that forced me to edit every page on here because...HTML HAS FINALLY BEEN ENABLED. Abuse it though, and Martyr will have your hide for a rug, he says. I had to edit every page because of the way this page is put together, (If you wanna be geeky about it, I'm using a template. Not frames.) but hopefully what I did will still answer your questions about it ^^

September 18, 2005 -- Sorry to report that Matt1plus1 had to quit before he got that boot to the rear. (That's usually why I wait until I see that before I put a staffer on, but since Matt was a member mod beforehand...had to.). He is no longer a member mod either, I wish you luck and hope to see you around Matt.

August 29, 2005 -- Ohmygosh. Matt1plus1 has gone staff. I can't tell you yet what he is gonna be doing (I know, but it has not yet been revealed) so I can't tell you. He's techically not passed his trial period yet, but I had to move him since he was a member mod first, so had to move him to prevent confusion. Anyway, there will be more staffers added soon...soon as they pass their trial periods that is. Matt was the exception, NOT gonna add any more until they pass that trial period and I see them get the traditonal boot to the rear in #rpgamer for the op XD.

August 20, 2005 -- Ohmygosh. Dracos has left staff and the adminship, and left that to Desh. Can't tell you WHAT is gonna change yet (Something will, always does) but at least that's cleared up. I was wondering who would get it...Tho it's a shame Dracos left, he was a good admin. Hats off to you Dracos, and I hope all will be well with you in the future.

August 3, 2005 -- Well, the mess is about over...we had to move, crapola. While the mess was brewing, Dracos altered the sig rules, so the sig pic tutorial updated thanks to Adiemus (thank you very much, ye sig pic artist!) The updates are just waiting for final proofing before the whole moderation staff goes over this for nitpicking...so this can go OFFCIAL! Yeah! It's been one heckava long road...Well, back to work XD.

July 17, 2005 -- Okay, Karlinn added, as well as Rico and Matt1plus1 (who recently joined the moderation staff) to the What You Need to Know page. As for me: I'm still around, just...well, the trouble is STILL! brewing, I'm hoping it'll be over in a week or two or three. Keep praying for us, ok? See you on the board when I have time to do so, I'll still be prolly one of the first people that posts in the Newbie Thread, just so you know I'm still alive and not a dead girlie. Oh, and removed Paws...she hasn't been posting much for quite some time, well, for quite a long time actually. She's still on staff, but I haven't seen her whiskers around much. Oh, and Silentwolf has finally come back, so ye newbies, watch out..I'll save you if I can tho XD.

July 10, 2005 -- Finished the last of the info updates. Also, Karlinn was kind enough to go over the whole thing for me, thanks for the check guy! (And I need to add you to it when I get time, you staffer you ^^) Also, I may be not on the board as much because let's just say there's a big nasty family problem that has hit the fan, and all of a sudden too. (Please do not ask). I will not be on the board as much for a while as a result. I'll mention it on board if it becomes a big problem, but I hope it doesn't. (The details are in locked entries in my LiveJournal, but please don't be nosy right now, ok? I'm still upset, but tryin' to do something about it. Wish me luck.)

June 24, 2005 -- All screenshots updated, also did some info updates. Prolly will be adding more soon. I need to talk to RIPtoad about the Mac issues with the board, I wouldn't know since I'm a PC (Namely mostly Win 98, tho I do use XP sometimes when I get a crack at my dad's compy) user, but it seems the board now really hates Macs. I had to resize most of the pics since they made me side scroll on my dad's monitor (which is bigger, and I believe the res is higher as well) >_< but they work. Thank you Photoshop. I do hope I don't have to make the Mac issues into a injoke. Oh, and it seems that the Pic Posting Bug has been squashed, so that one can finally die. Whew. I really hated that bug. Also, if you wanna know; I updated some stuff about the bottom of the board as well, seems I forgot to change that when Dracos became admin *presents rear for spanking*. Other than that, minor changes to fit the new screenshots.

June 22, 2005--A long awaited board update has finally happened! I need help guys tho. If you see any funny bugs (like the Pic Bug) after the shakedown period (give it a week or so) please get ahold of me so I can add it as a injoke. Oh, and if the infamous Pic Posting Bug still exists, let me know. If it doesn't, still let me know so I can kill that injoke. I've also finalized the logo I use here, thanks to some pressure. I hope Firemyst would approve of that really kawaii version of V'lanna! I will also be slowly replacing some of the screenshots of the board since the look of the board has changed _slightly_.

June 21, 2005--The big one has finally happened, thanks to someone from the board...Aquila must of disappeared. I've been wanting to modernize the look of the Newbie Guide for a long time. Firemyst finally gave me permission to use RPGamer logo graphics on here (didn't quite happen, but nevermind), so I thought it was time to give this thing a whole new look. The old design..was so last century, darn it. Well, here we go, should be easier to navigate now, not to mention a lot more expandable. Unfortunetly, it now looks best in 1024X768 (I need a new monitor that I don't have to squint at when I put it up that high, darn it.) and make sure Javascript and CSS are enabled in your browser, otherwise you may not be able to view the page. Anyway, that and a lotta little things have been updated to help speed page loading. Enjoy!

Jan. 12, 2005 -- I think you may of noticed some minor tweaks to the page design. I won't say what right now, but...SOMETHING BIIIIIG is coming that will change the look of this page forever. And when I say big, I mean HUUUUGE!...Well, just wait and see, guys. I hope you'll like once me and Aquila finish what needs to be done. I'm gonna be doing some updates beforehand (prunes, tweaks, what have you) but you'll see what's coming down...just be patient. Rome wasn't built in a day, after all.

December 16, 2004 -- Two staffers who JUST passed their trial periods have made the cut to show up on here. Welcome Carlisle and kweee! (Kweee has also been the FIRST staffer to sign the guestbook. Whee!) Just so you know; I make it a policy not to put staffers up until they pass the trial period.(as well as they must LIKE posting on the board other than just update posties) Makes it easier on me and gives me a hint if they're gonna last or not. Oh, and I got my eyes on two more that might eventually be on there (*cough*DekaRed*coughcough*Karlinn*coughcoughCOUGH!*) so they'd better pass that trial period :) Also, new spellchecker for text boxes added to the links page, this one compatable with Moz/Firefox. (I make no guarentees on software I link. Just a warning.)

November 26, 2004 -- Cain has quit bein' admin and has left the site. (Already?) madhtr is now admin. Also, there's some new staff hires that I'm watching to see if they pass their trial period so I know if it's safe to add them. Oh, and if you didn't notice..I moved the site to my personal page. Use the redirect URL, http://rpgamerboard.vze.com so you'll go to the right place. It's actually in a directory on my page now..http://maryadavies.250free.com/rpgamerboard . Since I've earned free Platinum here, it'll be ad free as long as I'm a community leader on their board :) Shoo, Topcites, shoo. Unreliable piece of crap, I'm not coming back. And Hello Brian! (No relation to LB) Anyway, between the last time I updated this page: page move, some new staffers added (and I got my beady eyes on some newbie staffers to see if they actually make it) and a few additions.. don't remember them all!

July 23. 2004 -- I had another sad duty today. I had to remove Adiemus from the member mod list. But there will be more member mods. Cain's askin' for nominations. I nominated my bro, Shadowcat, because he has mod experience. (Can't beat that) (And before you ask; I won't nominate just anyone. You have to prove to me that you can do the job, and that's tough. Blood or no.)

July 21, 2004 -- I had a sad duty today. That is, I had to remove Kopopo from the staffer list :( He... well..kinda left staff. Oh well. May things straigten up in his life. That's all I dare say.

June 29, 2004 -- Board bug struck many times. Basically knocking me and adiemus out of that group. Repeatedly. CainEJW finally gave up on it (We still got our powers tho). Don't blame him. Anyway, other than that's long been fixed here, I've added a new staffer (madhtr) and two new injokes. There!

Oh, and wouldn't ya know: CainEJW mentioned this page in a board annoucement *big grin* After two adminships just ignored it...Good for him for recognizing a good thing when he sees it!

June 9, 2004 -- Now me and adiemus are in our own group to ID us better: "Member Moderator" Well? Anyway, I figured it was time to explain that member list at the bottom of the board with screenys. But *.jpg kept distorting the color, blah. So I whipped out the GIMP and tried *.png. No more color distort :-) And since I do my darndest to be nice to those who have 56K modems, I'm slowly changing all the screenys that I can to *.png (since they tend to be half the size of the *.jpg files). Don't worry, far as I can tell, as long as I don't have transparent areas...you shouldn't notice anything except truer color and faster load times.

May 31, 2004. -- Woah momma! Now everything's been turned upside down. Cain made me a member mod! Well, don't be scared of me, kk? I don't show my claws unless the person deserves it (never ran and told staffer about a problem unless that person bloody well deserved it! Tiger don't change her stripes, ya know?)

Anyway, mod list updated, added me and the other new mod (adiemus). Also checked links and removed one that no longer works. Also updated the description on one site..it was WAY out of date.

May 25, 2004 -- Eek. More changes! Rico well...got let go as board admin for the last time. CainEJW is now admin!! Yikes! I removed all stuff pertaining to Rico, added Cain to the staffer list, and removed all member mods (since Cain removed them) We'll just have to see how the "new blood" runs things now.

May 22, 2004 -- Well, here's the summary of the last few updates : Two new staffers have been added. Two hosters removed; hostmysig went pay *kicks* and Netscape has gotten so bad they aren't worth it. There's been some link cleanup...I think that covers it.

Febuary 5, 2004 -- Lots of stuff! First Kami is not offically part of the staff no more, so off the staff list he goes. Second, Boomspeed finally went COMPLETLY pay, so off it goes. Third..I added FIVE, count'em, FIVE new pic hosters! Yippie!
--I think that covers it.

Febuary 2, 2004 -- Update to the staff list (may update it further soon) and a link clean up. That's all.

January 5, 2004 -- Not much has changed. Fixed a link or two, that's all.

November 27,2003 -- Wooo! I just made a new discovery with UBB! There's a tag that can prevent the FF Code from gettin' mangled...the [code][/code] tag. Into Basic UBB it goes! Nice discovery for a Thanksgiving morn, I'd say.

November 26, 2003 -- I added some anchors to make it easier to navigate the Terms and Injokes...just in case you are lookin' for a specific one. I may add them to the bottom too, but...it works :-)

November 25, 2003 -- Mmm-hmm! There's now a autoencoder/decoder for the FF Code! Yeha! I added the link to the local version of my FF Code and will be adding it to the Injokes page shortly.

November 17, 2003 -- I can't tell anyone exactly why, but all refs to LordBrian have been permamently removed. It'll become clear why rather shortly.

November 5, 2003 -- It's offical. Vivi01's avvy archive is RIP. So I finally added one I did (I'll ask SeraphicLaw if I can link his too) and a pop-up to make the offsite ones more visible. Can't replace Vivi01, but it should help.

November 4, 2003 -- Got a new sig from Malango! NEW SIG! It's the max size, so I just changed what sig you see on the Sig Tutorial to my new one only. Easier to explain, too.

Techically, LB is not an admin right now, so I'm gonna comment that out until we find out what happened to him..other than erm...he lost his admin for something he did. (Don't ask.)

October 16, 2003 -- Silvermane gave me a suggestion for the injoke that has to do with her, namely "Silvermane's Evil Penguin Army" last night in the night chat. Edited with that in mind. (I do have a habit of telling the person when someone's thing makes the injoke list, ya know?)

October 15, 2003 -- I decided since Rico is now admin, I'd better redo the screenshots for the Spoiler Tag so they reflect who he is, not who he was. Done...took me a while (and a bit of %#@!&&) to get them to upload straight though. I'm not doin' that again any time soon.

September 25, 2003 -- Whoo! Viper left staff (I guess Real Life bit him in the butt or he got tired of working on the page, happens). Removed him. Also, looks like Rico brought back his own form of the Belch Sig; the "Pity the Foo' Sig". Added that and welll...made the def for the Belch invisible for now. I'll bring that back ONLY if I see LB use the Belch again. Also, a new injoke added as well. Ooof! Lots of changes in the wind lately...

September 22, 2003 -- Got suprised this weekend. Rico's a board admin! (He was before, lost the job, but now he has it back!) I've added him to the staff list. Oh, NeoVivi's archive is down. Again. I think it's bandwidth, 'cause it keeps comin' back up. As for good news; Hostmysig is back. Good.

September 8, 2003 -- myimgs.com not only changed back to hostmysig, they've gone down :-( Get it right, guys! I hope they aren't dying for good.

September 5, 2003 -- The new hoster I put up died like that *snaps fingers* So it's gone again. And hostmysig is now myimgs.com -- they changed the name. Other than that, not much has changed, though LB removed the post counts and you can now post in the Announcements section. (Suprised me when he did it). I updated a few things to reflect the change.I also updated the descripton for the anime board a bit, since Rockman.EXE is now Megaman NT Warrior (That is, the dub name). Ehh...that's the world of anime for you. When something gets licensed, names sometimes change.

August 21, 2003 -- Good thing I didn't remove the link to Vivi01's avvy archive. It's back up, whew. Didn't die after all, guess it just got knocked unconsious for a while ;-). Anyway, I bumped right into a new hoster! It's been added to the list.

August 17, 2003 -- Found out why HostMySig hasn't been working good lately. They've been having problems with their domain registration service, so I changed the URL to the one they mentioned in a e-mail. It still works, you just have to change it to the new domain for now. (Check below for the HostMySig test for the proof). Also, Guifa has techically left the staff (he's quitting) so he's been removed from the list. And one more thing: Vivi 01's avvy archive seems to have died :-( I'm gonna give it another week, if it hasn't come back before that the link goes. Then I'll make another pop-up with some of the links from the Links page to places where you can get avatars.

July 31, 2003 -- Added a new avatar site to the Links page.

July 30, 2003 -- Boy, that snuck by me! Some staffers have changed around a bit. Fixed.

July 19, 2003 -- Well, a clarification of one of the rules was added. I altered to match.

July 18, 2003 -- Premire of the new Belch Sig (good thing I didn't remove the ref!) Other than that, nothing.

July 16, 2003 -- Decided to finally link to the Pokémon avatar archives so you can actually SEE what Uiru has got. Got some real cute ones, believe me. Also squashed a HTML bug; oops. [nerd]Forgot to add the target="_blank" tag to the Iwonjoo link on the list of hosters.[/nerd] Again, ignore the nerd hat, it's fixed so don't worry about it. Also added a new hoster, but it's a shame it's got more cons than pros. (The things I find when I give Google a good swift kick in the...) Also, Inkfrog isn't really any good and ImaHosting has quit the hosting business, so their links were removed. Yikes, ya know?

July 12, 2003 -- The hosting woes bite back AGAIN. GRR! Since Topcities seems to have straightened up (I haven't heard of a disappearing password for a while) I came back. Makes me want a pay hoster all the more! Anyway, found out earlier that LB's only getting a new Belch Sig made, so the ref stays.

July 11, 2003 -- Kami had been hiring, I just saw one of the new staffers reveal herself. She'd been posting quite a bit beforehand. Hellooo Jessperk! I just added her to the Staffer list. I also changed counters again, this time it's one from Cut And Paste Scripts. Hope you like!

July 09, 2003 -- Found a page that explained bandwidth pretty well, so I linked to it on the "Why Thou Should Not Hotlink" page. Since that page pops up in its own little window, the link will open in a new window. I hope that makes some people think twice and get a hoster!! Also, I'm considering removing all refs to the Belch Sig...it seems that LB has quit using it. Last two sig pics he erm..fixed,he just inserted some text sayin' that it'd been removed, and he did NOT use the Belch. (I'll ask Viper about that)

July 6, 2003 -- Whoops! MonCapitan2003 had started doin' sig pics a while ago, but I forgot to put him on the list of sig pic makers on the Sig Pic Help page! Sorry MonCappy! That's fixed.

July 2, 2003 -- Beat FF9, so I updated my FF Code and the "beat games list" on the Meet The Webmistress page. Not much really, not much at all. (I've been updating that all over the place since I have my FF Code in three places, btw!) Gonna have to update the blurb about it on my fic next. (Hopefully I'll finish that soon ^_^ ) Oh, and got a new shorter URL to put in my sig. It's http://rpgamerboard.vze.com. The one prob with this new server is the URL is waay too long.

June 26, 2003 -- More code tweaking. I finally figured out a way to get rid of a tag that was goin' out of date ^_^ I think you guys probably know this: the 'net changes at the speed of light, I'm still trying to catch up on some things.

June 23, 2003 -- Just some code tweaking, nothing anyone would notice unless you checked the source code.

June 21, 2003 -- Durn it! I found a bug I might of caught if I'd had more time when I implemented it with the stylesheet. [nerd]The hover part tended to show up on anchors. Bleeeh. A little magic with inline CSS and it's fixed.[/nerd] Never mind me putting on a nerd hat,it's fixed now. That's all you need to know.

June 18, 2003 -- Yet another tweak to the rules page. Someone started makin' "mandatory posts"...yikes. Some idiots...so I added another unoffical rule. (Don't worry, Locrain kicked said person in the head) [later] Checked FreeHosting Pro again. Sowwy tigers, they've disabled hotlinking. So off the list it goes. (Poor Amy! she has such baaaad luck with hosters!)

June 17, 2003 -- Tweaked the rules page again. They've made it offical; you can be banned without a warning. I rewrote it to reflect that. I'd rewrote it to warn people that they might not warn earlier, but I'd rather make it more blunt.

June 16, 2003 -- More fun with stylesheets! I still haven't figured out how to fake frames with CSS, but I've figured out how to get the stylesheet to handle everything, including the link colors and stuff. Now if Jon would only find his HTML book that explained how to fake frames with CSS, I might get some more specific ideas on how to go about it...I also reorganized the Terms and Injokes page...Vargas mentioned that it had too many things that begin with "The" and I should change them around. Also added a new guestbook instead of the efreeguestbook, I couldn't add the stylesheet on that one, which stunk. (You can still view the one good entry I got though)

Oh yes, I got bored today...guess you can tell...

June 15, 2003 -- That does it. Topcities has not answered my complaints for a week. So I went looking for a new host. And hehe, I find one with NO ADS (tho it has less space, not that it matters with this site). Sweeet! Anyway, tweak to the What You Need To Keep In Mind page.

June 14, 2003 -- Finally figured out how to make the little Dreambook/thread behave. I was tryin' to make it look like a REAL thread. I finally succeeded. Now if I could only get FTP back on this site, I'd be in heaven...

June 13, 2003 -- Moved back totally for now (tho I've lost FTP for a while). Don't ask how I got back in, please. Anyway, no more nasty ads.

June 12, 2003 -- AHA! Someone on the Topcities board finally figured out how to fix the problem. I should be moving this page back to Topcities in a day or two. Bye bye popups and ads that really screw this page up. I'll see if I can find a better back up host for next time. (I won't say how,let's just say it's too much of a security risk.) Anyways, I changed the form script so it goes here, I'll have to change it alll back when I do move back, I'd despaired of ever getting into my Topcities account for this page again...guess I should of remembered my tagline, "NEVER give up!"

June 10, 2003 -- Added a blurb about the two new rules on the the What You Need To Keep In Mind page. People should read the rules and should know better than to hotlink without permission!!! And by the way: I'd be more than happy to make avatars out of any pics that people are hotlinking to for avvies on RPGamer if you ask me :-D I also went ahead and changed all the links on the guestbooks and the counter and the tracker to the new page; should of done that sooner!

June 9, 2003 -- Since my mom has been being VERY unreasonable about my computer time and yelling at me for editing web pages/chatting with "strange people" (and no one in that AIM chat is strange to me!) I asked Aquila Hawk from the board to help out here. Guess I'm following in B's footsteps a lot (she got help with her page)...anyway, Topcities is now displaying the old version of the page but it is NOT letting me login. Very fustrating. Also, it looks like FreeHostingPro is down, due to mass abuse. Yikes. I edited the comment to reflect that.[later] There's some new sig pic rules, I had to ask to make sure I had everything straight. But that part's changed now. I'll see if Aquila can do the "visual aid" part since my sig pic is now not the max size any more. It's now 100 pix shorter than the max size.

June 7, 2003 -- I found out that I'm not the only person with this problem. Well, I'll wait and see. If I can login later, I'll just delete this webspace; I know which server has the less obtrusive banner ads. Anyway, I STILL hope I can move this to a pay server with CGI access later on *dreams* along with my personal page. Anyway, removed Stom from the Staff that Like To Post On the Boards page..he retired. I'll keep an eye out for any more staff that seem to like to post a lot :-) [later] Found a new hoster! Yup, yup! Added it to the list.And since I still can't login and KnightOfHyrule told me he couldn't, I went ahead and said that about FreeHostingPro. If it ever straightens up, I'll give it a better review.

June 6, 2003 -- Grr! I say, GRRR! Topcities went a bit too far, the page is randomly not working. I waited a day,then decided to move it. I'll be leaving the old page up for a while to see if it straightens up, but I want this to be reliable, not have trouble displaying! I'll tell my friends ASAP, I know Malangy mentions this all the time. I may find a better hoster soon, this one I don't like the banners that good. They aren't a consistant size. [later] Now I can't login the old page. Looks like Topcities didn't like that. Well, guess I'll stay here for a while. I'll finish the move tomorrow.

June 5, 2003 -- Minor tweak and well, if yer reading this then Topcities fixed the problem. Server has been glitching all day, sometimes I can view the site, sometimes I can't. I backed up ASAP, hopefully this'll clear in a few days--Topcities is usually more reliable than this. If it don't I'm gonna consider movin' it.

June 4, 2003 -- Well, Sin did it on the board one too many times ;-) Mentioned the "Typo Demon" that is. So onto the Terms/Injokes page it goes!! I'll ask the guys in the night chat about it, might have to add to it.

June 3, 2003 -- Checked the hoster list again. Two of them had to be removed: Tupics and http://www.picturehost.co.uk/ both went pay, darn it. That's fixed. I'm tryin' to test FreeHostingPro, but I can't seem to login right now :-( I'll keep tryin'...if I can get in, I'll write a better review once I test it.

June 1, 2003 -- Woah! Yet another board reconfig. The Dragon Warrior section was removed(that's how unpopular it was) and the Pokémon section was renamed to "Handheld RPG". Did a quick update to the list of boards.

May 31, 2003 -- Uiru came back, and he was usin' a Ruby/Sapphire Pokémon for an avatar! That was unexpected...anyway, he made a new avatar archive available! I put it on the Avatar Help page. Enjoy!

May 29, 2003 -- Tweak to the Terms and Injokes list; namely, the thing about "New Member". Also changed what Paws is; she's no longer a "media slave" but a staff reviewer. (I still like her tho :-) )

May 24, 2003 -- Added a blurb about said search button to the Lesser Known and Rarely Used Board Features that You Should Know About page. Sheesh, does ANYONE see/use the search button? (I know, I talk to too many mods)

May 22, 2003 -- Finally got around to adding Rage to the What You Need to Keep in Mind page. I STILL think I ought to add CainEJW (he's been posting A LOT in the Artwork Forum--more than I see most board heads posting in their forums), but I REALLY need to think about him first before I even try. Also did some tweaks and added a bit about the search button on that same page; that button doesn't get noticed, don't ask me why!

May 19, 2003--Woah! HostMySig is back up and workin' just fine. I tested it myself. People will have to reregister, however, since they started fresh.(Here's the test graphic: garnetavvy.gif. It's my current avatar.) Also updated the the cons to it (which is after the BUT! of course)

May 17, 2003--Whoo hoo! Got my own comp set up an' sucessfully sharin' the connection with the family comp! Checked the links to the hosters today: Datazap, after months of not allowing new members, is goin' pay. So I deleted the link. Still need to get around to adding Rage and CainEJW to the list, I'll do it in the mornin'

May 8, 2003--Got another chance at the family comp, so I finished what I started yesterday. Also did a few tweaks to the index to get the links to stay on the first screen.(I consider that the mark of a well-designed index. And I admit that's one of my pet peeves, someone who does not do that) Anyway, the new Sig Quote tutorial is up. Enjoy :-) (later that day) Looks like chiapet finally left the staff (I'd heard rumblings of that months ago) so I removed him from the Staffers that Like To Post On The Boards list on the What You Need to Keep in Mind page. I'll add Rage and CainEJW later, I need to but someone wants the comp again.

May 7, 2003--Created the updates page, created another page to move the page stuff to, was going to create a Sig Quote Tutorial, but I got chased away from the family computer too fast. (I miss havin' my own out and hooked up to the 'net *sigh*)

May 4, 2003--Added a new hoster to the Places to Host Avvies and Sig Pics page...thanks much, amy_su88 for telling me!

April 30,2003 (roughly)--Minor tweak and changed something.

April 20,2003 -- Added (With Athy's permission) "Athy's Firey Sword of Justice" to the Injokes list -- also added the status "Awaiting Authorization" to the injokes list (along with what to do about it)

March 20, 2003--Since it didn't get fixed, I added "The Pic Posting Bug" to the injokes list and edited the Sig Pic tutorial to mention it.

March 15, 2003 -- Changed page over to stylesheets (I'm just a beginner at it tho); will prolly totally redesign the page using stylesheets once I get more of the hang of it.

Febuary 2003 -- Got the actual idea for this page. Created it using NS Composer 4.79 and Arachnophilla. I had originally said something about the Pic Posting Bug, but I had found out that they were gonna try to squish it, so I held off on that (that may of been a mistake). Page did not actually "go live" (Go in my sig, that is) until Viper, FireMyst, and LordBrian (along with Locrain and Ardea) had a look at it (I didn't want to misinform anyone). Viper was especially helpful in suggesting corrections (thanks guy!) and FireMyst warned me about some erm..page design flubs I made that I corrected (thanks much, ye dragon!) Soon after I got it up and live (a week, as a matter of fact) The Happy Mask Salesgirl (AKA. Tara) came on the scene...with a too big sig..we'd had two "Sig Pic Size Limit violations" that week already...even though I'm NOT a mod, I was tired of seein' the Belch Sig, so I warned her in a PM about it. She fixed her sig right quick...and I got the addy of a new hoster out of it too, which was Netscape. (Thanks gal!) She also started the Happy Sig Shop of RPGamer thread, which I promptly linked to in the Terms and Injokes page and on the Sig Tutorial, since I know something useful when I see it :-)

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