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What You Need To Keep In Mind While You're On the Boards (Rules? What Rules?)

You were prolly curious about the title of this page. Didn't you know? RPGamer's boards do have some rules that you must follow or you will get in trouble.

I bet yer saying, "Rules? I didn't see any rules..."

Wrong. You should of. Betcha always install software without looking at the license agreement first. (Yeah, I do that too) The rules were right in front of yer nose when you went into the boards. Click here and read that thread VERY carefully; that is the rules. I'm not gonna try to explain them all. Here's a few that there has been trouble with over in the past and why they are there:

Newbie Status (Also known as WHY CAN'T I MAKE A TOPIC WHEN I FIRST SIGN UP?) -- Simple. You need to do one thing to be able to do a topic. That is, make 20 posts. Just don't let me or another mod catch you posting back to back or making meaningless/no content posts. That's spamming and against the rules. (Keep reading, and I'll explain why.) This was implemented to cut down on spam, actually.

The Sig Size Limits -- The pic filesize limits in place 'cause not everybody's got broadband. There are some people with 56k modems out there. And I can tell you, big nasty graphics make a page load like cold tar on a 56k modem. Remember that. Also, why the sig size limits that include the text in your sig? Because of something a certain computer science prof told me about designing a good index: "Make it so people don't have to scroll, because they hate to scroll" Less text/not so tall graphic in your sig means less scrolling, which makes it so it'll annoy less people. Make sure you remember that.

The No Cussing Rule -- This is because RPGamer DOES have kids visit the site. (Kids play RPGs and video games too, ya know??) So things MUST be kept PG. So please, don't erm..use dirty words. And don't evade the filter. A mod'll have to (maybe even me!) censor it if it seems to be a obvious cussword. (Though what I term "Cussing, Mormon Style" is okay. Not really cussing, heh)

The Rule that You Should Not Link Illegal Material -- Easy again. RPGamer doesn't wanna get sued by companies that make games and software. And btw sites with illegal material are considered to be ROM hosting sites, sites that host MP3's of copyrighted songs, and warez. (You shouldn't direct link to any of that junk either. That is bad.) Also, distroing that junk in any way that involves the board is also forbidden for the same reasons.

The rule about not linking to petitions -- Well, on-line petitions rarely work. It's the truth. Maybe contacting a company directly works if enough people do it. (I think that those that wanted FF4 Hardtype and FF5 can vouch for that!) But those don't.

The no trolling rule -- Well, I can explain this one too. Ever been teased in school? (this relates, I'll get to how in a minute) Well, I was. No one likes that...most teasing, see, involves makin' fun of how someone looks or how someone talks or...Get the idea?

Anyhoo, trolling can be a form of severe online teasing. Makin' fun of someone. Or just tryin' to get attention. If you're thinkin' of doin' that, don't; it's against the rules. Go find another board.

Rule about not ban evading -- I won't name any names, but it seems like this has come up way too often lately. I had this in unofficial rules for a while but it actually is a official rule..Anyway, what is it? Making a new account when you have been banned just so you can keep posting and such. Don't do it! It will only be a matter of time before you get caught, you'll be sitting on a ticking time bomb. And who wants that? And who wants to just make a big fat donkey out of themselves? Or the consequences of ending up with your internet gone if you persist? If you need to fight a ban, please, please, please, contact the admins, not do this. Repeals of bans are not granted very often but it'd be worth a try. Oh, and don't worry. You may not run into this at all. RPGamer isn't that ban happy a forum. Just if you do get banned..save the moderator squad a 300 asprin headache, ok? And don't break this rule?

The rule about not hotlinking pics from RPGamer/the avatar file size limit -- Well, I can tell you about these two rules easy. For one, those pics are really waaay too big, and they drive people with less memory on their comps or those people with slower connections NUTS, since doing that forces everybody's browsers to load the full pic, believe it or not! And of course, the webmasters of RPGamer hate hotlinking as much as I do, if not more (if you wern't on the board, you couldn't hotlink to any pics on the main page--they're one of the ones that's actually disabled off-site hotlinking) So please, get yerself a pic hoster and save yourself--and the admins--a big headache. And if you LIKE a pic on RPGamer and want to make it yer avatar or a sig pic out of it, get yourself a hoster, upload that pic, then PM either Moncappy or Aquila Hawk and ask for them to make a sig with it, or just download it and crop it so you can use it as a avatar. Just remember, you shouldn't be hotlinking without permission or if the site is not yours since it is really a bad idea in the first place.

The No-Spamming Rule -- Eeek. Sheesh, we all get enough of that detestable trash in our e-mail. We don't need to see THAT anywhere on the board. And posting a link without some kind of message with it (posting a link alone) is considered spamming. (Makin' a message with a webpage link in it is A-OK tho, as long as said link pertains to the message and isn't breakin' the No Illegal Material rule, or is spam in itself. Believe me, we know what spam is.)Also, putting web page links in yer sig is okay too. Just don't link sites/things that break the illegal material rule or that are spam in themselves!!

Don't Flame Other Posters--Simple. Calling someone names and such makes them mad. And if you make a mod or an admin mad...well...

Ok. What can happen if you break them? If the problem is a a message, the offending message will be removed soon as it is noticed. If your offense is bad enough or you "go too far" in any way or for too long, you will get a warning. Too many warnings/go too far, and you will first get restricted, which means you can't post topics. If you STILL persist, you'll get banned, which means you can't post. If you manage to get around that, not only will they get rid of you, they'll contact your ISP and you prolly can kiss your internet goodbye.

Well--enough of that.

Here's some unofficial stuff that you might want to know about.

Post yer topic in the right board! -- There's a good reason why there's a lot of sub-boards on RPGamer's forums. Each is for discussion about a different subject. The mods will move a topic if it's in the wrong board, but you don't want that, do ya? Click here for a list of the boards and which is which, so ya don't get confused.

Post Lots so people will get to know you! Shee, you'll never make friends if you just lurk. Join in a thread or two! (That is, if you feel comfortable doing that. It's okay to lurk, some. After all, I started as a unreged lurker. But don't lurk forever! Come on out and let us get to know you! Contribute to a few topics when you're ready, okay?)

If it's Not Safe For Work And You Wanna Post a Video Link, mark it please!! I know. There's some perfectly legal videos on Youtube that are very much Not Safe For Work and ya wouldn't want the kiddies to see. Please, don't embed them on a post. Mark it as Not Safe For Work so if say, someone like me who doesn't WANT to see something not safe for work (or a kid) can avoid it.

DON'T MAKE MORE THAN ONE ACCOUNT!! This has been a Ban-Thy-Tail offense in the past. Seriously! You don't need more than one account. And don't think you'll get away with it either. I can see where you're posting from when you post *ahem* and you can't fool the admins either. There are ways of finding out. So, please, save me and the rest of the board staff a big old headache and don't play this crazy kinda joke/trick. You'll save yourself a possible trip to bannation and/or ridicule (and if you're only ridiculed if you do this, consider yourself lucky) Don't EVER risk it! One account per person is enough for anyone, sheesh!

Don't be afraid of no Mods/Staffers/Admins! No, we're not alligators waiting to chomp you up or ban your rear. As long as you follow the rules, we're perfectly decent people and often great to debate with! If you didn't guess, every RPGamer staffer is an mod or an admin. I'm not gonna bother listing them all, because some of them don't darken the boards very much. I don't have to, anyway. There's a page on RPGamer with all the staff bios right here. That also has all the official info about the staff, not what you will see here. Also, there's a couple of people NOT on staff that are mods that confuse the issue a little bit. Anyways, I'm just gonna list here the non-staff mods and the staff that you are very likely to see on the boards here and do my best to introduce you to them, since I've spoken to quite a few of the staff over IRC and IM programs. To begin this list:

Staff That Like To Post On The Boards

Macstorm -- Friendly and very helpful person.

omegabyte -- Nice guy and decent in a debate. He's one of the reviewers (one that's had his share of controversy)

Ocelot --Nice person and strikes me as a fair person as well.

Ok. Now on to the admins:

Foxworth -- Rarely seen (you will prolly only see him if something breaks or there's a software update on the forums!) He does a lot of the script work around RPGamer. He's da man for keeping everything running smoothly.

Strawberry Eggs -- Nice gal, fun to be around, and pretty good in a debate. She's not only the head admin, but is also one of the news/media people.

JuMeSyn -- Nice guy and is fair. He's the co-admin at the moment. He's also one of the game reviewers.

Now here we go to the member mods. One of them I really don't have to introduce!

Me! -- Let's just say when CainEJW decided to pick new member mods, I didn't expect to get picked! I'm not gonna introduce myself again, click here for that. But don't worry...I'm a sweetie and I don't go erm..swingin' a 2X4 at anyone unless said person darn well deserves it! I mostly tend to be a friendly sort..can't you tell?

DarkRPGMaster -- Decent in a debate and a very nice guy.

ChickenGod -- Fair, and a nice person.

Don't "butter up" the mods/admins! By that, I mean don't try to sweet-talk them out of something. Mods like me are only human and this could get the board staff annoyed at you. Saying nice things about them is fine. Hey, that's been done all the time. But there's such a thing as "too far".

Don't just post to get enough posts to be able to make a topic! I mean you shouldn't make just one word posts or posts with no real content in them. Sheesh, that can be considered a form of spam!! Which means if you do this, you will get kicked VERY hard in the head. (No lie!) Yet you need twenty posts before you make a topic. I'd suggest cruisin' the Game Help forum and find a topic or two that the guy is beggin' for help with a game that you know -- and just find topics that you are interested in and can contribute to and post in them. That way, you'll get those 20 posts and we'll get to know you too :-)

Don't go on posting spree just so you can set a custom title!!!! When he was admin, a guy named Martyr set the board up so you can set your own custom title after you make 100 posts. That's quite a lot of posts...For cryin' out loud, don't just post up posts with no content in them so you can set that title. You'll take a short walk off a long pier if you do...to bannation that is.

Don't assume seniority! I mean, just don't judge someone by their join date or by how much you see 'em posting. Sheesh, the guys who have been here the longest aren't stuck up or something...they're nice. And some of the people who haven't been reged as long are prolly JUST as nice.

Read the Announcements Board once in a while! When something comes up (like a new board), a new rule gets added, or even if there's a new staff member, the staff will post whatever it is in the Announcements Board. You can reply to these topics if ya wanna, but hey, if you see something in there that wasn't there before, read it. You'll be glad ya did, since it can tell you if there's something new that you need to know.

Be careful about the font colors! This won't get you in any trouble, but remember what I said about not using yellow, red, green, or pink for font colors? Or light colors for that matter? You can ALSO set the font color of your posts though the Control Panel. Ok, one more time. Webmasters don't use those colors for text on their web pages for a very good reason; they aren't that readable for one (Hello, make someone squint why don't you?) and they also tend to basically blind people. So do everyone's eyes a favor and don't use eyeblinding colors for text, please?

Don't bump topics! -- Let's just say that it's not a good idea to do this--you could get kicked in the head for it. Best make a new topic if it's so old it stinks. (And that's more than 3 months old, guys.)

Be patient! Sheesh, if you make a topic/ask a question, don't you dare think people are gonna answer/reply right away. They aren't. It can take a minimum of 30 minutes to an hour (it sometimes takes longer) before it gets noticed, since the right person you need to answer may not be on the boards at the time. So, keep checking the topic if you can and wait. Don't worry, someone will answer. Just have a little patience.

Ok, think that's it. Just remember this stuff, and you should be fine.

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