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How do I insert graphics? HTML doesn't work!

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Whoops! I made a double post/double thread. What do I do about it?

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Contact me!Wanna say hi?

Mmm? You think I'm interesting? Or do you have something I missed? (hey, I'm only human. I mess up sometimes.)

Alrighty then. I never mind getting e-mail or a IM or two. So here's how you get my attention:

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And here's my IM addys: (they can also be found in my profile on the boards too, ok?)

maryadavies@hotmail.com = My MSN IM account

MaryAliceDa= My AOL IM addy

maryadavies = My Yahoo! IM account

492386513 = My ICQ Number. This is the only one that's closer to one of my IRC nicks tho. When I get on, you'll see Elizara, so don't get thrown off by that. Its'a me! (Now I'm sounding like Mario in Mario 64..darn!)

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