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How do I insert a graphic? HTML doesn't work!

This is a question I asked when I first came on the board, for I'm more used to web pages. How do you do links and graphics then, you might ask? There is a link in the help section of the forum that will explain what I'm about to explain as well as buttons that do a few things like this for you, but it seems some people don't notice that stuff at first, no offense meant. (I didn't, so don't feel bad if you didn't). And I admit, I often feel like Piers Anthony said he felt about this kind of thing in Bio of An Ogre when he said that he'd rather wipe his own nose--when he said that, he meant he'd rather take care of things himself, his way. ('Fraid you really have to read that book to get it, sorry) Well, ya use something called BB Code to do those things. I'll list the most commonly used BB tags here. Learn them and use them when you need to, ok?

[url][/url] = The URL Tag. Does the same thing as <a href="http://www.webpage.com"> in HTML. Makes a link to a webpage. The syntax is:
[url=http://www.webpage.com]Some text, prolly the page title or the URL again, here[/url]. Put the full URL of the webpage where I have http://www.webpage.com and whatever you want where I put that "Some text" line.

[img][/img] = The Image Tag. You prolly saw this in my tutorial about inserting sig pics. It does the exact same thing on the boards that <img src="graphic.gif"> does on web pages. You can use it in your posts, too. Just make sure you have the image hosted somewhere first. And please don't hotlink to the graphic if the webpage the graphic is on isn't yours. Click here for the reasons why you shouldn't. Anyways, the syntax is:
[img]Type Full URL of Image Here[/img]

[b][/b] = Same thing as <b></b> in HTML. Makes your text bold. The syntax is [b]Text goes here[/b]

[i][/i] = Same thing as <i></i> in HTML. Puts the text between them in italics. The syntax is: [i]text goes here[/i]

[u][/u] = Same thing as <span style="text-decoration: underline"></span> or <u></u> in HTML. Underlines the text between them. The syntax is: [u]put the text here[/u]

[quote][/quote] = Ahh, this is where we get away from HTML a little bit. This is used to quote part/all of someone else's post...it puts it in a white box. The syntax is:
[quote]Paste the part of that person's message you wanna quote here[/quote]

[spoiler][/spoiler] The Spoiler Tag. Click here for a explanation of what this does.

And here's a few that people don't use very much: (I'm only explaining the ones I understand, k?)

[font=a font][/font] = Changes the font used in the text placed between them to a font of your choice. Just change "a font" to whatever the name of the font is you want to use. Be careful with this one! Not everybody may have all your fonts on their computers, so they may not be able to see your post like you are seeing it if you use this tag. (That's one of the things someone learns fast when they learn to write webpages btw--or they should.)

[email][/email] = This is for a email link. Either you go [email="youremailhere@server.com"]Link Text[/email] or [email]youremailhere@server.com[/email] to make such a link.

[code][/code] I didn't know what this did for the longest time, but...now I do! Basically this is for stuff like the FF Code that you don't want to get mangled or have part of it change to symbols. It on the surface looks like a quote box when you use it, BUT! No text inside it is formatted or changed in any way. Useful for posting your FF Code in posts or your sig (if you're too lazy to HTML it and have enough room). The syntax is: [code]Put the FF Code here[/code]

[size=x][/size] This changes the font size in your posts. x here must be a number between 1 and 10(either positive or negative [like -1]). I'd suggest using lower numbers because big text takes up A LOT of space. And people REALLY hate to scroll. And don't use any number smaller than -l please--dinky text is really hard to read. Just choose the font size, put your text in between them, and let'er rip.

[color=a color][/color] Changes the color of the text between them. Change "a color" to whatever color your heart desires. Just please don't use yellow or red or green or pink or light colors. THOSE COLORS HURT people's eyes and are very hard to read! (That's why no good webmaster/webmistress that I've ever heard of/seen their pages will ever use those colors for the text on his/her page! Or for the backgrounds, for that matter!)

Ok, I think that takes care of that. Just remember these and you'll be able to get the boards to do whatever you want them to do!

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