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Where DOES everybody get those cool avatars, anyway?

Think we all did this when we first registered for the boards. Ya looked at the list of avatars provided by the board, thought 'oh there's none I like', and went without. Then you look around the board and...huh? Everybody's got these cool avvies and very few of them are on the list on the boards. So, you wonder where on the 'net they got 'em and how they did that. Ok, lemme tell ya...it's easy as fallin' off a log. Those great avvys are custom avatars. RPGamer's boards allow you to use your own pic, that you downloaded from somewhere else for a avatar if you like. You aren't limited to that list at all! (You can even make yer own, too! The max dimensions for avvies are 80 pixels by 80 pixels..if it's bigger than that, even though the board will resize it, I'd suggest resizing it yourself. Try Irfanview or my personal fav for makin' avvies, The GIMP. (Any good graphics editing program will work, if you didn't guess! As long as you know how to use it, that is...) /p>

I know what yer saying. "Hurray! But how do I do it? Where can I find a avatar?"

Well..as for finding, in the beginning of the boards, there were two different people that offered custom avatar archives. Unfortunetly, both died.

I also do avatars, I once made a page to show them off but the page has been lost somewhere. I'll find it and restore that later. I still have the avatars, I just need a place to put them so others can use them..

But, you say you see avvies like LuLu's Little Sister's and Silky Ways's new avvy that are animated. Where do you get those, you say? Those are a bit harder, or are they?. You could either break out Google or yer fav search engine and search for animated sprites for yer fav game...or you could either just click here or you could go to the links page on here. I linked to EVERY sprite site I know about on there, including the classics. Any graphics you want to use for a avatar from any other site except the avvy archives I mentioned by the way you really, really should download. Why? I'll explain in a sec, OK? I'm gettin' there.

First things first.You need to download it. The board allows you to upload your own avatar so it's not as big a deal as it used to be, tho pic hosters are still needed for other things. You'll see why later on.

The next step is to click on Forum Actions at the top of the board and click on Account Options, here. Then scroll down to Edit Profile(I didn't show that b/c it also shows mod stuff btw but I don't think anyone'll have trouble finding the option):
Profile Link Here.
It should look like this (except it'll be YOUR username shown on it, not mine):

Click here to get to the avatar area

See the link that says Change My Picture?? Okay, click there. Yer almost done! You should see this:

Upload your avatar?

See the little select thing that says Browse? make sure the image is on your hard drive or a disk and click Browse, find the image, then select your file then hit Open from the computer dialoge, then hit Upload. There. That's it!

Enjoy yer new, cool, avatar!

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