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Welcome to the Newbie Guide for the RPGamer Message forums. New around the forum? Or do you just need some help there? You've come to the right place. Pull up a chair, get your fav drink, and take a look around. If this doesn't answer your question, feel free to contact me. Maybe I'll add your question to the newbie guide in a future update.

Recently updated:

July 8, 2017 -- MAJOR MAJOR UPDATE that needed to be done for months, talk about lazy girl here. All pics redone and a lot of stuff rewritten because we're not on Vbull anymore, we're on Vanilla Forums. I'm also on the prowl for more pic hosters so people have more choice since the Photobucket disaster. Seems they did that crudola on purpose, ugh! There might be some minor changes once the mod squad goes over it, but *whew* I'm glad that's done with.

If you wanna see the update archives, click here.

With the exception of the screenshots of the RPGamer Boards (which I captured and did myself), none of the graphics on this page were made by me. They were all gathered from various sources around the 'net. I don't know who made them all, and if you see something that is yours and want credit, contact me, I do write poetry in my spare time as well as fanfics (not to mention webpages), so I know I'd hate not to be credited if someone used what I created. Also, a big THANK YOU to RIPtoad from the RPGamer Message Forums for the new logo!

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